Whitepaper: Improving Effectiveness of Child & Family Welfare Programs


Improving Effectiveness of Child & Family Welfare Programs

When it comes to catering to the needs of vulnerable children and families, successful implementation of the programs at the grass root level is imperative. Keeping track of the progress across programs remains a key challenge, and a well-defined approach would help overcome the complex and unique roadblocks.

Read this whitepaper to know how government authorities can drive impact in child and family welfare services to make them more effective as they overcome the following hurdles:

  • Inadequate Transparency and Low Visibility across Welfare Programs
  • Hindrances in Quality Interactions Due to Diversity and Large Volumes of Cases
  • Time Consuming Application Processing
  • Manual and Inefficient Records Management
  • Worker Attrition & Disruption in Business Continuity
  • Cumbersome Inter-agency Coordination
  • Limited Access to Information

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