Consumer/Retail Lending

Automate your retail lending process to manage risk and increase efficiency.

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 Consumer/Retail Loan Origination Software - Consumer/Retail Lending

Consumer/Retail Loan Origination Software

Revitalize your retail loan origination process by implementing a flexible and responsive consumer lending application, built on our digital transformation platform. Enable digital experience, automated underwriting, instant decisioning, and efficient exception management. Ensure a straight-through, simplified loan disbursement for allproducts, including credit cards and personal loans, without any manual intervention. Leverage digital collaboration for high-touch loans—HELOC, home equity loans, etc.—for a faster turnaround time. Utilize real-time dasboards for tracking processes, pipelines, and productivity.

 -  - Consumer/Retail Lending
Consumer/Retail Lending

Digitized Lending Processes

  • Transformed consumer loan origination with end-to-end automation of loan requests, underwriting, approval, closing, and booking processes in a paperless environment
  • Straight-through processing for quicker loan approval and disbursements
  • Support for no-touch, low-touch, and high-touch loans processing

Multi-channel Loan Application

  • Omnichannel and multi-device initiation of loan applications
  • Intuitive self-service customer portals and real-time status tracking
  • Auto-underwriting and online approvals/soft-approvals

Risk Management

  • Identity verification/authentication and fraud management through third-party integrations
  • IP-based/device-based filters for applications
Consumer/Retail Lending

Intelligent Underwriting and Configurable Rules

  • Intelligent underwriting and credit analysis processes driven by business rules and scoring models
  • Rules engine for business owners to apply the required policies and exception rules
  • Customer and product-specific data capture through configurable templates

Audit and Reporting

  • Comprehensive auditing capabilities for increased compliance with dynamic regulatory requirements
  • Real-time reports with process insights for continuous process improvements
  • Drilled-down monitoring of productivity, pipeline, and service levels

Integration with Third-party Systems

  • Real-time integration with core banking and online banking for seamless lending experience
  • Third-party integration with rating applications, credit bureau systems, and more


 -  - Consumer/Retail Lending

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Success Stories

Improved retail loan processing capacity by 80% - Consumer/Retail Lending
Improved retail loan processing capacity by 80%
Leading Caribbean bank streamlines retail lending operations to increase processing capacity and efficiency while...
45% faster commercial loan disbursal - Consumer/Retail Lending
45% faster commercial loan disbursal
New York-based bank automates commercial loan origination processes to improve their customer experience and achieve...
Increased same-day loan disbursal by 65% - Consumer/Retail Lending
Increased same-day loan disbursal by 65%
The bank is a leading financial institution in the Middle East, with nearly four decades of experience. It onboarded...

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