Streamline your order fulfillment process for a predictable cash flow.

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 Order-to-Cash Process Automation Software - Order-to-Cash

Order-to-Cash Process Automation Software

Automate your end-to-end sales order processing—from getting an order to fulfilling it and then receiving the payment, with our order-to-cash (O2C) automation software. Enhance your cash flow predictability and improve your operational efficiency with built-in accounts receivables (AR) management system. Improve O2C process performance, agility, and SLA adherence, with features like document storage, email-based capture and approval, real-time exception alerts, and interactive dashboards.

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Invoice and Communication Capture

  • Invoice capturing through various channels including email, EDI, mobile, scanned documents, FTP, and portal
  • Capturing of current and historic communication between internal and external stakeholders

Accounts Receivable Collection Posting

  • Auto-initiation of collection tasks by configuring multiple pre-conditions
  • Email triggers and multi-level task escalations to minimize time between dispatch, invoice, and collection

Receivables Visibility for Stakeholders

  • Automated tracking, alerts, and notifications on receivables for stakeholders
  • Increased transparency in stakeholder reporting

Automated Dunning

  • Reduction in write-off cases with automated end-to-end collections process
  • Automated reminders and notifications to customers related to accounts receivable

Continuous Cash Flow Tracking

  • Reduction in cycle times for improved cash flow predictability and better decision making
  • Real-time tracking of transactions and cash flows

Centralized O2C Processing

  • Rule-driven, accurate claims calculation and centralized processing
  • Seamless integration with ERPs for posting and fetching information

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Success Stories

Reduced overall cycle time by 30% - Order-to-Cash
Reduced overall cycle time by 30%
One of the top generic pharmaceutical companies worldwide digitizes their processes to manage invoices and increase...
Improved transaction accuracy - Order-to-Cash
Improved transaction accuracy
A subsidiary of a leading FMCG player integrates their advance payments process with their accounts payable system using...
Improved processing efficiency by 60% - Order-to-Cash
Improved processing efficiency by 60%
A global alcoholic beverage manufacturer streamlines their accounts payable and receivable processes to reduce...

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