Fixed Asset

Maintain a 360-degree view of fixed assets with automated management processes.

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 Fixed Asset Management Software - Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset Management Software

Allow users to easily manage fixed assets, with end-to-end visibility into the management process, from acquisition until disposition. Track asset movements across your enterprise and ensure compliance through periodical audits. Continuously digitize, record, and maintain asset details and relevant documents in a central document management repository, thereby eliminating dependency on physical records. Generate reports on asset status—especially related to aging and depreciation—and notify users of status updates with rule-based alerts.

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Fixed Asset

Digitized Asset Management

  • Digitization of all asset records for easy monitoring and retrieval
  • Centralized repository for asset and related-document management

Asset Acquisition and Commissioning

  • Fixed asset acquisition with capex approval
  • Fulfilment of prerequisites and creation of asset registry

Asset Audit, Transfer, and Disposal

  • End-to-end asset tracking with periodical audits
  • Inter- and intra-company asset transfer
  • Fixed asset disposal through sale or scrap
Fixed Asset

Configurable, Rule-driven Checklists and Alerts

  • Asset type-based checklists for commissioning and audit
  • Timely reminders for renewals, such as lease, warranty, service, etc.
  • Rule-driven alerts for follow-ups on aging assets

End-to-end Visibility into Asset Status

  • Dashboard view of assets, based on type, age, status, current value, etc.
  • Seamless integration with multiple applications, including ERPs, for access to relevant information

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Fixed Asset

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Success Stories

Reduced overall cycle time by 30% - Fixed Asset
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One of the top generic pharmaceutical companies worldwide digitizes their processes to manage invoices and increase...
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A global alcoholic beverage manufacturer streamlines their accounts payable and receivable processes to reduce...

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