Efficiently manage your enrollment processes, eliminate paper-based transactions, and capture member information on-the-go by leveraging our integrated, mobility-based enrollment solution, built upon our enterprise mobility framework. Streamline your end-to-end processes, including enrollment, reconciliation, and servicing, to reduce errors and eliminate the need for manual intervention.

Features of Newgen Medicare Enrollment Software

Intelligent Prospecting

Unified view of assigned leads, pending items, alerts and notifications, etc.

Smart prospecting capabilities, including task scheduling, follow-ups, and lead assignment and search

Anytime, Anywhere Enrollment and Information Access

Remote and offline application processing and enrollment

On-the-go access to information for improved enrollment turnaround times

Automatic Data Capture and Population

Auto-population of member data into enrollment forms

Scope of appointment capture per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid guidelines

Document Management

Dynamic mobile forms for on-the-go capture of enrollees’ information and signatures

Data transfer to central repository for real-time processing and archiving

Compliance and Data Security

Operational deviation and error tracking to ensure data security

Thorough checking to avoid fraud, data misrepresentation, and CMS enrollment denials

Adherence to SLAs and compliance with regulatory requirements

Seamless System Integration

Core claim system integration to fetch benefit package information

CMS and MARx system integration

Real-time eligibility checking and USPS integration for address validation

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