Star Rating is Not Really About Compliance, It’s About Revenue

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) continually updates the performance levels required for good ratings, while making it harder for healthcare payers to achieve 4-or-5-stars.

Why Should You Care About CAG

“Access to services” is a critical assessment area for star ratings, with other parameters relating to the process carrying a weightage of 1.5. This is followed by other imperatives, which have been uncovered in the whitepaper.

Health Plans – Time to Act Now!

Top-rated plans have proved that it is possible to address CMS compliance concerns while keeping the business focus intact. Download the free copy of this whitepaper to know how star rating started with a dual purpose and how many health plans received a perfect 5-star rating in 2019. Find out the ways you can address some of the specific concerns that can affect your star ratings adversely, gain access to hard-hitting facts & figures, and a lot more. Further, find out how Newgen can help you effectively respond to members’ CAG, while complying with regulatory guidelines and achieving better star ratings.

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