Know customers' context. Make information accessible. Engage customers meaningfully.

A digital enterprise exceeds customers’ expectations. The key is to know your customers and understand their needs. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite allows you to access the right content in the right customer context and build the right experiences. The suite enables end-to-end management of your enterprise content, from capture to disposition. Further, it offers flexibility to access or deliver content anytime-anywhere, creating a connected and digital workplace.


Enterprise Content Management - Document Management

Document Management

Multi-source Information Capture, Storage, Tracking and Search

Enable effective life-cycle management of critical business content, starting from its capture to disposition. Configure our ECM desktop for your business, departments, teams and end users.

Enterprise Content Management - Image Processing & Capture

Image Processing & Capture

Multi-channel, Multi-format Capture, Processing and Extraction

Capture and extract valuable business content from multiple channels by automating extraction of data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents.

Enterprise Content Management - Records Management System

Records Management System

Archival & Management of Physical, Electronic and Social Records

Govern and manage the lifecycle of your important business information. Define and enforce record classification, retention and disposition policies across all content sources with our DoD 5015.2 certified Records Management system.

Enterprise Content Management - Intelligent Document Classification

Intelligent Document Classification

Layout & Content Based Document Classification using AI and Machine Learning

Classify documents based on structural features (layout-based document classification), textual features (content-based document classification), or both to gain hidden insights

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

By integrating Newgen ECM with core applications, you can achieve quick turnaround time, accurate responses and better visibility of document-centric, customer facing processes.

Enterprise Content Management -  -

Enhance Business Productivity

Access contextual information anywhere, on any device. And, ensure seamless collaboration among stakeholders, enhancing efficiency and reusability.

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Reduce Operating Costs

Enable electronic handling of critical business content in all forms, from its capture, storage, management to delivery.

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Ensure Compliance

Enhance compliance through standardization, robust records management and extensive audit

How Newgen OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management works
How Newgen OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management works
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Newgen OmniDocs ECM Suite is certified for National Records & Archives Authority compliance