“The workflow automation market is expected to witness a CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period,   2021-2026.”

Intelligent workflow automation is the need of the hour!

Workflow automation software streamlines the business processes – from the simplest departmental functions to complex business-wide operations. Transactions are automatically triggered and routed between people and technology based on pre-defined rules. It brings agility to the business workflow and provides superior customer services.

Workflow automation can be utilized to automate the business processes irrespective of the industry.

Here are the top eight use cases of workflow automation software

Finance Automation

Workflow  helps in automating different functions of the finance department. It provides real-time integration with ERP systems like SAP, creating a robust ecosystem for faster accounts payable processes. Similarly, it automates the approval process, CAPEX requests, salary changes, account payable, grants management, to name a few.

Purchase Automation

Workflow automation software optimizes the procure-to-pay lifecycle while connecting resources, systems, processes, and people. It enables organizations to eliminate paper-driven procurement processes and streamline the complete cycle from start to finish. It also helps in automating vendor management.

Operations Automation

Workflow automation software helps effectively manage complaints, appeals, and grievances (CAG). It streamlines the inflow of CAG from various sources, a rules-based engine prioritizes transactions, enables intelligent case routing, and results in faster and more accurate resolutions.

Service Request Automation

Workflow software auto-routes the service requests to the concerned department based on predefined parameters and routing paths. It reduces the turnaround time and simplifies the approval processes.

Legal Process Automation Streamlines

Workflow automation software in legal space manages clauses and templates and supports seamless integration with other systems. It provides security to the information by placing right-based access to the repository.

HR Automation

Workflow automation helps in automating various HR processes. It digitizes your end-to-end employee onboarding processes creates, manages, and deploys employee-centric solutions with speed and agility. Same way, it simplifies employee offboarding, timesheets, and other benefits.

Sales Automation

Workflow automation facilitates different functions of the sales departments. It streamlines pricing, discounts, proposals, approvals, etc. Based on pre-defined paths, proposals and approvals are independently sent for immediate action by the designated personnel. It simplifies the process with decentralized decision making, enhancing employee productivity and reducing turnaround time.

Security Access Requests

Information security builds trust with your customers. Workflow automation software leverages robust security features, such as access permissions, role-based rights, password policies, multi-factor authentication, audit trails, LCAP/SSO support, and more. It enables secure access to contextual information to your employees based on pre-defined rights.

So, do you want to explore workflow automation software further?

A workflow software can transform your individual departments and the organization, connecting them and creating a truly digital organization. To know more about workflow automation software, click on the link.

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