Digital India

Modernize key Indian government ministries and departments to drive national digital initiatives.

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 Software for Digital India - Digital India

Software for Digital India

Automate your government processes by leveraging new-age technologies to improve accountability, efficiency, and visibility across all departments and touchpoints. Empower your employees with easy and secure access to information, anytime, anywhere. Streamline your key government processes and deliver seamless experiences to your citizens.

Digital India

eVidhan Sabha

  • Unified solution for the digital transformation of legislative assemblies
  • Automation of the day-to-day functions of legislative assemblies
  • Paperless process automation and administration
  • Management of the bill lifecycle—introduction, reading, committee reports, amendments, online voting, and approval

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Digital India

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

  • Automation of the direct benefit transfer (DBT) process, from application to fund disbursement
  • Faster fund flows, ensuring that citizens gain the maximum advantage from various government schemes
  • Single point interface for beneficiaries, officials, and other stakeholders to apply and track the application status
  • Mechanism to ensure that subsidies reach the intended beneficiaries
  • Comprehensive tracking for effective targeting
  • Mitigation of pilferage, duplication, and fund leakage
  • Better accountability and enhanced transparency of the process

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Digital India


  • System for courts and judicial organizations to conduct comprehensive investigations, resolve cases faster, and offer increased transparency and accountability
  • Optimized outcomes for cases and reduced handling costs
  • Increased visibility across cases, past judgments, and proofs, enabling better decision making
  • Long-term archival of documents and information
  • Information security features, such as encryption, rights-based access, and more
  • Easier access to information, with rights-based access to the central repository

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Digital India

Secretariat Automation

  • System to provide government agencies with the flexibility to automate document-intensive processes and develop a highly agile operational infrastructure
  • Reformed administrative processes, including correspondence management, office note creation and approval, committee, meeting management, RTI management, parliament/legislative query processing, and knowledge management

Digital India


  • Streamlined municipal processes, including certificate issuance, social welfare schemes, license issuance, property registration, grievance management, and correspondence/file management
  • Mechanism for municipal departments to become more responsive to citizens by transforming critical processes and connecting information systems across departments
  • Efficient service delivery for citizens
  • Enhanced urban governance through modernized operations, automated processes, and digitized documents
  • Citizen-centric administration that allows citizens to actively participate and gain complete visibility across applications and processes

Digital India

Smart City

  • Efficient delivery of services by managing city assets via systems
  • Internal and external event management capabilities, initiated by internet of things devices, sensors, and external applications
  • Optimized actions based on past patterns and events, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and resource utilization
  • Enhanced quality of life for citizens, through the implementation of modern technology and infrastructure
  • Better resource utilization through compete visibility across process and departments

Digital India

Knowledge Management

  • Enhanced collaboration, accelerated innovation, and a robust learning environment
  • Online, centralized knowledge repository
  • System for various departments to easily create, archive, retrieve, and share knowledge
  • Seamless collaboration with features including chat sessions, discussion forums, and knowledge classification

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Digital India

Modernize key Indian government ministries and departments...

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