Commercial Loan Origination & Lending Software

Intelligently disburse and manage commercial loans for a seamless customer experience.

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 Commercial Lending Software - Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending Software

Originate, process, disburse, and monitor commercial loans with our commercial loan origination software, built on a unified digital platform. Gain better insights into your high-profile accounts to enhance profitability and underwrite loan applications competitively. Leverage online, self-service portals for various stakeholders, including borrowers, brokers, appraisers, and more, to ensure seamless communication and request fulfillment. Streamline your go-to-market and stay on top of regulatory requirements, all while empowering your relationship managers with the tools to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Commercial Lending

Single platform for all loan products

  • Supports C&I, CRE, SBA, Small business, and Consumer lending products
  • Automated segregation of loans based on loan value, loan type, and exposure

Digital Channels for new age lending

  • Omni-channel portals for borrowers for loan submission
  • Portal access for all participants in the loan process including brokers, vendors, attorneys, participants etc.

Intelligent Underwriting and Risk Rating

  • Configurable spreading with individual, entity, and collateral analysis with flexible loan presentation
  • Rule-based, configurable risk rating module and workflow-based exception management and tracking

Loan Portfolio Monitoring and Analysis

  • Portfolio monitoring and automated tracking and retrieval of collaterals and covenants
  • Automated validations and customer alerts through the borrower portal, related to missing data and documents
Commercial Lending

Management of Leads and Customer Relationships

  • Integrated prospecting module to manage and review customer relationships
  • Lead management capabilities, including lead creation, activity scheduling, reminders, and pipeline management

Integrated Loan Closing & Automation

  • Tight integration with document management & preparation engines for generating loan package
  • Automated requests to attorneys for document generation and coordination through the attorney portal

Integration Functionality

  • Real-time integration with CRM, credit bureaus, flood check, appraisal sites, doc prep engine, e-sign applications, and core banking system
  • Single view for all participants in the lending process. No duplicate data entry

360-degree Visibility

  • Dashboards to generate operational, productivity, and investigative reports
  • Real-time alerts on critical business events, including non-compliance and delinquent loans

Ensuring Real Outcomes for Every Role

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for overall business strategy, CEOs can leverage Newgen’s commercial lending software to ensure cost efficiency while maintaining credit compliance, risk management, and overseeing credit growth. All of this enables them to deliver a greater ROI to stakeholders, including customers, employees, and partners.

  • Increased profitability and revenue
  • Quicker loan disbursal for financial institutions
  • Higher volume of loan originations
  • Rapid deployment for a faster ROI
  • Faster time to market

Chief Lending Officer

With a focus on monitoring and growing credit, CLOs can maintain a healthy portfolio mix, drive market penetration, and reduce costs by leveraging a robust commercial lending solution. This further allows lenders to manage stakeholder relationships and ensure a faster ROI.

  • Simplified communication using digital portals
  • Improved productivity of loan officers and underwriters
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Automated decisions for small value loans
  • Greater frequency of first time right processing

Chief Operating Officer

COOs are responsible for streamlining operations, maintaining efficiencies, and ensuring real-time visibility and transparency throughout the lifecycle of loans. A commercial loan origination software can help them seamlessly manage documentation, loan servicing, funding, and closing, among other things.

  • Increased number of loans serviced per staff (FTE)
  • Improved productivity and an optimized workforce
  • Centralized document access and processing
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Enhanced application tracking and monitoring

Chief Risk Officer

Responsible for ensuring compliance and mitigating risk, CROs can implement robust commercial loan origination software to safeguard their organization. The software can help CROs manage credit risk, control risk distribution, ensure effective risk rating, and much more.

  • Enhanced portfolio risk monitoring and mitigation
  • Dynamic credit risk modeling
  • More effective risk rating models and scorecards
  • Ensured continuous improvement
  • Integrated financial analysis
  • Improved data governance and management

Chief Information Officer

CIOs are primarily responsible for ensuring technological advancement and modernization. With a commercial loan origination software, they can develop and implement new or upgraded systems, while ensuring scalability and adaptability, to support business goals.

  • Modern, adaptable, and configurable software built on a low code platform
  • Stronger data analytics and a centralized repository for data and documents
  • Quicker provisioning with cloud deployment
  • Ease of integration with core and third-party systems


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Newgen loan origination system support workflow?

The Newgen LOS solution offers a queue-based workflow approach for initiating and completing the application or performing relevant tasks and activities. Each user within the process can have access to their queue. They can log in and see only work items assigned to them, or all users of the same department can view the work items in a queue based on the bank’s requirements. The queues are rights-based, allowing only an authorized user to view and access them. Further, filters may be applied so that only certain users see specific items in a queue (e.g., loan requests under $1 million). Each application moves from one user to the next within the process flow. As soon as one user completes an application, it goes into the queue of the next user/department as defined within the application workflow.

What are the reporting capabilities of Newgen LOS?

Newgen’s commercial loan origination software includes dashboards or reports that monitor key performance indicators such as loan cycle time, performance (time) relative to expectations, and office production forecasts.


The solution has a built-in business activity monitoring tool with in-built productivity and process metrics. These reports can be functional, operational, or investigative. While Newgen will configure a set of reports for the bank during the implementation cycle, any new report can be easily configured in the solution using the report designer wizard. No programming effort is required to create these reports.


Reports can be in the form of bar charts, pie charts, or tabular reports and are displayed on dashboards. These are drill-down reports that provide critical information about the performance, work item completion rate, bottlenecks, etc. Also, multiple filters can be created for different reports to create ad-hoc reports based on date, month, year, branch, line of business, etc.

How does Newgen's commercial loan software manage loan approvals?

The solution leverages the underlying low code process automation framework (BPM) to automate the loan origination workflow. It supports loan value-based approval, parallel (committee-like), and sequential (chain-like) routing of the loan request to the appropriate lending/credit authorities.


The routing and distribution of loan requests can be done manually or automatically based on business parameters such as loan value, customer relationship, total exposure, risk rating, etc.


An approval matrix/lender tree will be configured in the master data management of the proposed solution as per the bank’s requirements.


During the entire process, the solution maintains a detailed audit log that records all actions, changes, etc., made by the bank’s user, along with the username and date/time stamp.

Which systems Newgen’s commercial lending software integrates with?

Newgen’s commercial lending software integrates with Topaz Systems, LexisNexis, IMMeSign, Experian, Wolters Kluwer, Compliance Systems, CoreLogic, RIMS.

Is the Newgen solution hosted on the cloud?

Newgen’s account opening and loan origination solutions are available on the cloud and on-premise.

What types of loans Newgen’s LOS supports?

Newgen’s solution can support each of the loan types listed below. Further, the solution can be configured so that the workflow for each loan type will adhere to the financial institution’s specifications.


Personal loans, Credit cards, Direct auto loans, Shared loans, Secured loans, Unsecured loans, Personal line of credit, Overdraft line of credit, Retail loans, Small business loans, Commercial loans.

Does Newgen LOS provide the ability to customize the solution based on different credit bureau requirements and model it as per different product types?

Yes, Newgen integrates with different credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, etc. It allows for different models to be used by product origin.

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