Winning the game of Commercial Lending

The 2016 presidential elections have given renewed hope to the Lending sector in the US. Amidst talks of probable regulatory and tax relief, the general industry outlook remains optimistic. However, as per the Federal Reserve Beige Book, the industry is following cautious optimism as the positive outlook is yet to translate into tangible growth as far as business lending is concerned.

Commercial lenders are increasingly finding themselves in a sea of challenges. Uncertainty over regulatory regime, rising compliance costs, inflexible and broken processes, legacy infrastructure, manual intervention, multiple applications and less than required visibility to loan tracking are some of the reasons responsible for slowing down the lenders today, in spite of the positive growth sentiment.

Is your bank equipped to leverage this growth opportunity?


  • How the Commercial Lending arena has changed
  • Challenges that Commercial Lenders are facing today
  • What Commercial Lenders can do to win the Game of Commercial Lending
  • How a Configurable Unified Platform (CUP) can help Lenders today
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