Automation is not new. Digital transformation efforts aren’t new, either. However, today we are in a different world from five years back. The same old does not and will not take you forward.

So, bid adieu to localized, sequential automation. The world is moving fast, and you need an enterprise engine that can not only keep up but also thrive!

Say hello to the power of ONE – NewgenONE. Because NewgenONE powers end-to-end automation at an enterprise scale that others cannot and in ways others cannot.

Is it easy? Of course not. Or everyone would be doing it.

NewgenONE combines many aspects of automation to deliver a powerful sum-product. We have tamed all the complexity and simplified it all for you.

Automate End-to-end Customer Journey: To engage your customers throughout their journey, it requires not only omnichannel engagement but also powerful process automation with deep integration to backend applications. And NewgenONE gives you that and more.

Deliver Content-rich Applications: Digitally native customers today demand you to process images, video clips, and digital documents in real time. NewgenONE natively embeds content in applications, enabling real-time access to all information across the enterprise, no matter how distributed.

Achieve Real-time Decisions and Straight-through Processing with AI: Gone are the days when you had to wait for analytics to provide insights and then provide feedback into applications over weeks, months, or years. NewgenONE delivers insights on demand to enable automated decisions powered by AI. With NewgenONE, you can finally close transactions in real time by intelligently processing incoming documents and information, further boosted by AI-driven automated routing and business rules.

Automate Thousands of Applications with Speed: Recall how hard it is to automate processes department by department, taking years? NewgenONE comes armed with a native low code approach across the board – be it processes, content, communication, or even AI. Envision, model, design, deploy, and execute across all kinds of applications with NewgenONE. And do it rapidly across the enterprise!

No other platform in the world offers you a unified automation capability across all the elements of applications in ONE – from process, content, and communication to AI. And no other platform is natively low code across all the areas of automation.

What are you waiting for?

Now, automate end-to-end at enterprise-scale with the power of ONE – NewgenONE.

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