If you’re thinking of the ONE as the leader of the pack, or the ONE choice for customers, or the fact that we take every single customer of ours as singularly important, you are not off the mark at all. We are proudly about all that.

But that’s merely the pinnacle of the iceberg. The ONE in NewgenONE is about a lot more in practice. We also care about our customers being number ONE in their respective markets – it is about leadership. Their leadership is our leadership.

It is often said that leadership is all about execution. And therein lies the biggest challenge for enterprises–all the external chaos and internal disorder that prevent execution in the intended direction. Disjointed processes, disconnected functions, and disengaged customers seem to be the order of the day. It’s all about seeking order amidst disorder.

We have worked with our customers globally for over three decades to address various aspects of this disorder – creating platforms, systems, and solutions to bring order to things by enabling automation in managing documents, content, records, processes, communications, decisions, and so on.

What became clear, though, is that for an enterprise to function as ONE, you need an approach that unifies all these aspects of automation to bridge those disconnects across functions, systems, and processes. That’s why we combined all these capabilities in NewgenONE – the ONE platform that enables end-to-end automation at the enterprise scale. And lends you the power to transform your enterprise cohesively.

So, what’s the ONE in NewgenONE?

ONE is the power for the enterprise to act as ONE. It means an unbroken customer journey across touchpoints. And it also means, importantly, the agility of an enterprise to move quickly in the intended direction as one entity. The much-coveted synergy.

ONE is customer-centricity – the enterprise focus on customer as the ONE. It is the ability to design processes and systems to the needs of the customers (including partners and employees) and execute accordingly with repeatability and predictability.

ONE is order in the midst of chaos. It is the ability to tie processes, functions, systems, departments, and machines together for the intended outcomes, despite the rapidly shifting dynamics an enterprise operates in.

ONE is a single truth. It is the ability for everyone in the enterprise to access a single version of truth, i.e., information, regardless of their channel, time, and place. It is also the ability to apply artificial intelligence to make smart decisions in real time with 100% confidence.

ONE is simplicity in the realm of complexity. It is the ability to hide all the underlying inevitable complexity to unlock simple in everyday execution. It means simplified processes and experiences. It also means better executive control through simpler means.

ONE is the unity of precise and powerful capabilities that combine to generate digital acceleration for your enterprise. It is the ability to automate all aspects of your business at scale with speed.

ONE is the cohesive low code approach for speed of application development of all kinds. It means the agility to change quickly and innovate continuously.

ONE is boundaryless business. It is the ability of an enterprise to integrate within and externally to bring in partners, channels, vendors, and customers to create an enterprise ecosystem for the multiplication of growth and innovation.

ONE is singularity of vision. ONE is a rhythmic heartbeat of execution. ONE is leadership through focus.

ONE is all this and much more.

All said and done, ONE is the ONE platform for you. ONE is your north star in NewgenONE!

Now, automate end-to-end at enterprise scale with the power of ONE – NewgenONE.

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