Drive end-to-end automation, operational excellence, intelligent operations, and more!

Imagine the sheer chaos of an organization struggling with ten different systems to manage just one process. Now, multiply that burden across hundreds and thousands of enterprise-wide processes. Can such an organization deliver an exceptional customer experience, automate end-to-end, operate efficiently, and outperform its competition?

The solution lies in embracing a single, unified platform that can do it all and more.

Enter NewgenONE – the game-changer that empowers enterprises to thrive in the digital age.

The Power of ONE Platform

With NewgenONE, you can say goodbye to the hassles of handling multiple systems. With just ONE platform, shorten the time from idea to action and solve your complex business needs. ONE platform for managing content, processes, and communications. ONE platform for connecting front-office, middle-office, and back-office for seamless information flow across the organization. ONE platform for infusing intelligence into operations for rapid innovation and responsiveness.

ONE platform to do it all.

5 Key Reasons Why NewgenONE is a Game-Changer

1. Native Content Management Capabilities: Leading the ECM Revolution

Imagine having the ability to manage your content, processes, and communication seamlessly from a single platform. That’s exactly what NewgenONE brings to the table. With a remarkable track record in enterprise content management (ECM), the platform has enabled one of the most extensive ECM deployments globally. The implementation enabled the handling of 15 billion documents, serving 125,000 licensed users and catering to over 400 million customers.

Cherry on the cake – the platform was recently recognized as a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave: Content Platforms, Q1 2023.

2. Full Stack Development Platform: End-to-end Automation Made Simple

NewgenONE is not just another automation tool. It’s a full-stack development platform that empowers users to define data models, design interfaces, create processes, and even design customer-facing mobile apps and portals. The flexibility is unparalleled, as users can customize dashboards and set parameters based on their unique business needs.

3. Robust Integration System: The Power of ONE

You do not need multiple disjointed systems for managing ten different things. You need the power of ONE cohesive platform. NewgenONE, with its robust integration ecosystem, allows you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure along with its process automation, content services, omnichannel engagement, low code, and other capabilities.

4. Better Collaboration with Low Code: Bridging the Gaps

One of the most common challenges faced by enterprises is the disconnect between business users and the IT team during application development. With NewgenONE, this obstacle is addressed through its low code capability. Now, business users can actively participate in building apps based on their unique requirements. This enables the IT team to focus on crucial tasks, ultimately leading to significant time savings and better outcomes.

5. New-age Capabilities: Accelerating Digital

To thrive in a fiercely competitive world, organizations are looking to embrace new-age technologies. NewgenONE seamlessly combines powerful capabilities like robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and more. This amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies enables enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey and stay ahead in the race.

If you’re tired of juggling between multiple systems and want the power of ONE platform to unlock customer experience, operational excellence, and innovation – NewgenONE is the answer. To know more, listen to this podcast and learn how NewgenONE enables end-to-end automation, operational excellence, intelligent operations, and more.

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