Decoding Customer Communication Management and its Core Capabilities

As the very name suggests, Omnichannel Customer Engagement, traditionally known as Customer Communication Management (CCM), provides a central platform to deliver personalized communications to customers across channels. The platform enables the design, management, and distribution of end-to-end communications to transform the customer experience.

Why do you need Customer Communication Management?

  • Streamline end-to-end communications
  • Improve upsell and cross-sell opportunities across touchpoints, including e-mail, SMS, social, web, print, and business applications.
  • Enable contextual multi-channel delivery
  • Deliver personalized communication leading to enhanced customer experience
  • Integrate with legacy and core enterprise applications

Types of Communication – Delivered by a CCM Platform

Batch Generation

Today, organizations need to deliver large volumes of structured, scheduled, consistent communications. Your CCM platform should have this key capability.

On-Demand Generation

While generating on-demand documents, CCM provides you with the capability to generate real-time communication with triggers from enterprise business applications.

Interactive Generation

Adding a personal touch to your communication creates more influence. CCM platforms can add variable data and content in structured templates.

Core Capabilities of Customer Communication Platform

Communication Designer

Designs highly personalized and engaging communications, with the ability to embed various graphs, charts, tables, images, barcodes, etc., is a critical feature of a modern CCM platform. Communication designer has the following features:

Flexible Designing and Authoring

Enables component-based designing of communications for consistency, compliance, and standardization.

Extensive template management

Provides security, collaboration, and content sharing.

Efficient White Space Optimization and Rule-based Personalization

Enable marketing teams to configure and send contextual communications/offers based on customer’s profile through the preferred medium, thereby increasing offer effectiveness.

Secure Communications

Ensures secure document creation and delivery with various security features like digital signatures and password protection. Also ensures compliance with HIPPA, and PCIDSS standards.

Strong User Management and Extensive Audit Logs

Empowers the IT team to configure user access and rights based on roles and responsibilities.

Communication Generation

Generates highly personalized batch, on-demand, and interactive communications, using the following capabilities:

Automated Document Generation

No code/Automated documents are generated for batch, interactive, and on-demand outputs.

Faster Letter and Contract Generation

Delivers fast, personalized, error-free, multi-channel communications via a controlled and editable user interface.


Provides third-party application integration capability via web services. Can support XML, spool files, flat files, and RDMS. Also, easily integrable with BPM and CMIS compliant ECM systems.

Customer Communication Management Capabilities


Communication Distribution

Your CCM system should provide the capability to track and send timely communications to your customers’ preferred channels.

Multi-Channel Distribution

You can distribute your communication to channels such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or print.

Validation via Sample Generation

You can generate a communication sample for validation before distribution.=

Communication Monitoring

Customer Communication Management helps you get a 360-degree view of the customer communication lifecycle via dashboard and reports.

Communication Tracking

A CCM platform should give you the ability to monitor read, unread, or bounced communications, as well as click rates of offers.

Audit Data Analysis

The platform gives you the ability to capture, archive, and export communications logs, helping you meet your compliance and audit requirements.

In short, you can say that a modern customer communication management platform can transform your customer experience and help you stay ahead of the curve.

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