Employee Onboarding

Streamline your hiring process for fast, hassle-free onboarding of employees.

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 Employee Onboarding Automation Software - Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding Automation Software

Provide a smooth onboarding experience to your new hires by streamlining the end-to-end hiring process to bridge functional silos, and to track and manage applications—across channels. Integrate seamlessly with back-end ERPs, HRMSs, and other systems of record to minimize turnaround time and enable dynamic approval routing.

 -  - Employee Onboarding
Employee Onboarding

Omnichannel Application Sourcing

  • Application sourcing across channels from within or outside an organization
  • Omnichannel capture and routing of internal openings, complaints, and applicant profiles

Contextual Application Processing

  • Indexing and reviewing of applicants’ profiles for rapid initiation of follow-ups
  • Analysis of application-related documents of selected candidates

Dynamic Application Routing

  • Application routing for approvals with case management
  • Approval management based on salary, negotiation, and designation
Employee Onboarding

Personalized Communication

  • Customized emails and communications for different stakeholders
  • Pre-defined templates for sending status updates to candidates

Configurable Hiring Dashboards

  • Real-time reports across geographies for monitoring hiring processes
  • Personalized view for different stakeholders to track hiring and attrition rates

Hiring Process Transparency and Tracking

  • Streamlined application visibility and tracking for faster response
  • SLA agreement monitoring for outsourced recruitment processes

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Success Stories

Reduced overall cycle time by 30% - Employee Onboarding
Reduced overall cycle time by 30%
One of the top generic pharmaceutical companies worldwide digitizes their processes to manage invoices and increase...
Improved transaction accuracy - Employee Onboarding
Improved transaction accuracy
A subsidiary of a leading FMCG player integrates their advance payments process with their accounts payable system using...
Improved processing efficiency by 60% - Employee Onboarding
Improved processing efficiency by 60%
A global alcoholic beverage manufacturer streamlines their accounts payable and receivable processes to reduce...

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