Cheque Truncation System

Image-Based Cheque Clearing System

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 Cheque Truncation System - Cheque Truncation System

Cheque Truncation System

Digitize how cheques are processed, cleared, and settled with our ICCS-compliant Cheque Truncation System (CTS). Fast-track cheque processing in a paperless environment. Ensure better cheque reconciliation, fraud prevention, and overhead reduction for physical cheque clearing. Additionally, enhance customer service and boost operational efficiency.

Cheque Truncation System

Multi-channel Cheque Clearing Initiation

  • Omnichannel support for cheque clearing initiation (outward scanning, PDC, corporate cheque scanning, remote scanning, and mobile cheque capturing solution)
  • Ability to integrate with cheque deposit kiosks for outward clearing initiation

Secure Cheque Archival and Access

  • Built-in centralized archival of cheque images and corresponding data
  • Extensive search and retrieval capabilities
  • Volume independent archival with easy and quick search capabilities

Support for Multiple Cheque Clearing Types

  • Integrated outward and inward clearing
  • Integrated outward and inward returns
  • Support for PDC cheques
  • Integrated image quality analysis per the central bank guidelines
Cheque Truncation System

Information Tracking, Monitoring, and Reporting

  • End-to-end process monitoring to remove operational bottlenecks
  • Comprehensive reporting and audit trails for better compliance and continuous process improvements

Robust Integration

  • Tight integration with core banking systems, including T24, Flexcube, Finacle, and more
  • Support for extensive list of cheque scanners
  • Support for third-party applications, such as middleware and message queues, for a seamless cheque-clearing experience