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 Payment Automation Software - Payments Hub

Payment Automation Software

Automate your end-to-end payment processes by leveraging Newgen’s Payment Hub solution. Our single-window payment platform (inward & outward) bridges the silos between different payment systems used by financial institutions. Built on a low code platform, the solution confers configurability, agility, future readiness, and faster time to market. By leveraging our payments automation solutions, empower your employees to efficiently manage and process all payment types from one unified interface while digitally capturing images and processing cheques in a paperless environment. With support for omnichannel payment requests, deliver a seamless customer experience across all channels and devices.

Payments Hub

SWIFT Payment Automation

  • Multi-channel payment initiation – (SWIFT MQ, branch walk-in, online banking, tab/mobile banking, emails, bulk uploads, and third-party applications)
  • Multiple payment types support (inward and outward payments, all types of payment instruments, domestic and cross-border payments)
  • Payment compliances (SWIFT, ACH, NEFT, RTGS, instant transfers, ISO 20022, and SWIFT GPI enabled)
  • Straight-through processing
  • Payment monitoring and reporting

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Payments Hub

Check/Cheque Truncation System (CTS)

Also referred to as the Check/Cheque Image Clearing System (CICS)

  • High-quality images of physical checks/cheques
  • Reduced time taken for clearing checks/cheques
  • Truncation of the check/cheque image at the presenting bank and seamlessly moving through the check/cheque-clearing cycle
  • Check/cheque access from any machine within the banks’ network
  • Better reconciliation of checks/cheques and prevention of fraud

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Payments Hub

Signature Verification System

  • A repository of signatures and policy mandates that can be dynamically accessed during the clearing process
  • Support for account definition, signatory mapping, mandate scanning, and image cropping
  • Simple to complex logics based on different amount bands and signatory categories
  • Auto-validation of rules based on the amount and signatories present on the check/cheque or mandate form
  • Guaranteed process compliance and reduced risk

Payments Hub

Automated Clearing House

  • Elimination of paper-based checks/cheques for routine payments
  • Access from any machine on a network using a web-based, user-friendly system
  • Adherence to the central bank’s guidelines related to faster transfer of funds using electronic instructions
  • Straight-through processing for incoming transactions

Payments Hub

Post Date Check/Cheque Management System (PDCMS)

  • Advanced imaging and automation technologies for faster check/cheque clearing
  • Check/cheque images used instead of physical copies
  • Scanning, record management for vaulting, and lodging/withdrawal of post-dated checks/cheques
  • Shorter processing cycles by keeping track of check/cheque presentation dates

Payments Hub

Mobile Check/Cheque Capture System

  • Submission of high-quality check/cheque images using camera-equipped smartphones enabling retail and corporate customers and field agents
  • Real-time processing
  • Virtual presentation of checks/cheques to the central bank for clearing


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