Whitepaper: Shared Services Maturity Model


Shared Services Maturity Model

Where Does the Shared Services Journey Begin?

The evolution of shared services dates to around three decades. The discipline that shared services brought with them, helped seal their position as a cost-effective and resource-efficient option for organizations.

From Shared Service Centers to Value Creation Centers, Evolution is the Key!

Initially, organizations invested in shared service centers (SSC) with the objective to outsource and the intent to automate and centralize, to help reduce cost and increase focus on core activities.

With newer business models and constantly increasing pressure on enterprises, it became essential for SSCs to reinvent themselves into Value Creation Centers.

Spotting Your SSC on the Maturity Roadmap

While there is no single template that can be applied to all SSCs, this whitepaper brings to you a framework to help understand the stage of your SSC in its journey to becoming a Value Creation Centre. Read this whitepaper to know:

  • How a benchmark framework can help your SSC succeed
  • How to transform your SSC into a Value Creation Center
  • The four stages of the maturity roadmap

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