Whitepaper: Reinventing Banking with BPM for Enhanced Efficiency


Reinventing Banking with BPM for Enhanced Efficiency

Featuring: Top 4 Reasons European Banks Should Choose BPM Over a Point Solution

The number of bank branches in the European region has steadily decreased to about 174,000, by the end of 2018*. This decline presents strong evidence of the increased adoption of digital banking methods by consumers.

High customer expectations, fierce competition, and stricter regulations are reinventing the industry. However, the question is – are the banks prepared to adapt to these changes?

Download this whitepaper to explore the main challenges that European banks face in dealing with a dynamic business environment. Also, dive deep into how intelligent process automation (BPM) can help financial institutions overcome operational roadblocks, and why it’s a viable choice over point solutions.

Key Highlights

  • The Shifting Landscape of the European Banking
  • Key Challenges that Financial Institutions Face
  • Driving Intelligent Automation with BPM – The Holistic Approach
  • Value BPM Brings for Financial Institution
  • BPM vs. Point Solution – Which One to Choose?
  • Case in Point
  • How Newgen Can Help




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