Whitepaper: Rapid Mobility


Rapid Mobility

Mobility & Customer Experience

Digital customers expect anytime, anywhere services, where they are able to initiate requests through any channel. Mobility, along with BPM, enables business users to offer services at customer’s doorstep.

The Shift Towards Smart Process Applications

Smart process apps help enterprises become truly digital and connected by acting as an organic end-point for underlying processes while leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile devices. These mobile capabilities include geolocation enablement, rich media content capture & consumption, anytime-anywhere access, multi-factor authentication, sync & share, offline processing, and so on.

How About Developing & Deploying A Mobile App in 3 months?

An enterprise mobility framework geared for smart process applications and equipped with a configurable business process platform can help you develop and deploy enterprise scale mobile apps in three months. In this whitepaper, know what it takes to do that and much more.


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