Whitepaper: Modernizing and Optimizing the Financial Close Process


Modernizing and Optimizing the Financial Close Process

A Whitepaper for CFOs

Inconsistencies in the financial close process can lead to enormous rework, inaccurate statements, and overall cause reporting delays. Despite this awareness, finance leaders continue to tiptoe around the process, mindful of not upsetting any part of the process lest it crumbles. And to add to the complexity madness, the lack of visibility into the process bottlenecks makes the job of CFOs and finance leaders even harder. As organizations grow, the traditional ways of managing the financial close process cannot be sustained. And CFOs need to be the change champions in their organization to bring about innovation and accommodate the growing needs of the organization.

Read this whitepaper to understand how CFOs and finance leaders, like you, can bring about change in your financial close process with the right technology. Get detailed insights on:

  • Signs your financial close process needs fixing
  • An effective governance framework for the financial close process and expectations from it
  • How can Newgen help CFOs and their teams in developing an effective close governance framework with a low code approach

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