Over the last few decades, ERPs have played a crucial role in large enterprises, serving as the backbone for critical functions, including supply chain, finance, inventory management, and human resources. However, maintaining these systems are getting increasingly challenging. Many organizations now seek to modernize around ERP, hiding its rigid and outdated interface behind modern mobile applications and interfaces. The goal is to leverage ERP’s strengths, such as data management and reliability, while adapting to the digital world.
Modernization around ERP involves building capabilities around core ERP functionalities. This approach integrates process automation technologies, AI-driven decision systems, content management, and omnichannel engagement systems with ERP workflows. By doing so, enterprises can streamline operations, automate processes, and engage with customers efficiently while coexisting with existing ERP investments.
Read this complete whitepaper to gain a detailed overview of how enterprises can leverage the power of a platform like NewgenONE to modernize around ERP. Additionally, explore how the platform can help automate all aspects of operations while coexisting and leveraging the existing investments in ERP. 

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