Whitepaper: Modernize Customer Service through Low Code Automation Platform


Modernize Customer Service through Low Code Automation Platform

A CxO Guide from Newgen

Your customers reach out to you for a variety of needs, from credit limit update, address change at a bank, policy servicing and the list goes on. It is critical for you to deliver a great experience to your customers while servicing these requests. But, before that, you need to understand what all does modern customer service entail.

Customer journey is key

Customer service has traditionally thrived on continuously measuring and improving the touchpoint experience. All the tools, technologies and processes, so far, have been geared to beef up these touch points. However, touchpoint experiences do not combine to create a holistic and outcome-driven cus­tomer experience. You certainly need to transform your customer service operations to address customer journey, as against touchpoint experience.

Think different. Think platform.

Servicing your customers for outcomes and journeys requires a different thought process. And, to be able to be ahead of your customers’ expectations, you must have a full-function capability across a gamut of customer services. Read the complete whitepaper to know how a platform can provide the required scale, control, visibility, and agility to your organization. Further, find out how a low code automation platform can enable you to accomplish a modern customer service paradigm.


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