Banks globally have been ambitious in their digital transformation initiatives to transform their customer experience. Yet, their investments in digital technology are predominantly supporting their front-office functions. Although automation has helped banks keep up with evolving customer behaviors and dynamic regulatory environments, the automation gap still persists.

That gap is content sprawl! Content is the core of a bank’s digital operations, and not addressing them hinders their transformation objectives. This results in broken context in customer journeys, inefficient paper-driven processes, the inability to be on top of compliance requirements,  cumbersome reporting and tracking, and much more! By bringing a content services platform into the picture, banks can truly be digitally native. A comprehensive content services platform enables banks to deliver content-rich applications and personalized and contextual experiences across banking operations.

Rethinking your enterprise content management strategy? Read this whitepaper to gain insights into:

  • The challenges associated with operating manual, paper-driven processes
  • The pivotal role content service platform plays in completing the automation puzzle piece for banks
  • How a content service platform can address critical gaps in banking operations, from lending, onboarding, to managing risk and compliance
  • Deep-diving into Newgen’s Contextual Content Services Platform
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