Digitization of information alone doesn’t resolve the challenges businesses face in the modern world. It is an important first step, but it doesn’t offer the benefits of digital transformation. The missing pieces are the business processes that involve the information we work with. Processes must take advantage of the full range of digital technologies available to all of the people in the organization.

Digital transformation depends partly upon the transformation of processes and roles within an organization, what we call digitalization. Content-centric processes like those dealing with documents, emails, fax, audio and video in contact centers, web, mobile, social media, etc., are especially critical for this transformational effort. However, automating such content-centric processes requires a specialized effort with appropriate tooling to resolve the digital pain points that dynamic requirements, documents, and applications can create.

Read this whitepaper authored by Jason Bloomberg, President, Intellyx, to gain detailed insights into the following-

  • The importance of digitization, digitalization, and process transformation to realize true digital transformation
  • Deep-diving into content and process
  • The need for low code and content-aware process automation platform
  • NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform
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