The insurance sector is one that heavily relies on in-person interactions and conventional channels. Adding to that, the fear of replacing legacy systems and navigating through the costs and complexity only adds to not wanting to modernize their processes. However, recent years have seen macroeconomic uncertainty, growing regulation, and technological disruption that have pushed the insurance industry to let go of the old mindset and transform their process that revolved around transparency, agility, and trust. It has become increasingly crucial for insurers to prepare themselves on what to expect next and how to position themselves in the insurance space.

Considering tools such as generative AI, adopting data-driven decision-making, building up bancassurance, and investing in Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, all play an important role in creating long-term business value for insurers.

Download this whitepaper to gain valuable insights into:

  • The latest technological trends, such as GenAI, insurance automation, and ESG, affecting insurers
  • The impact of each trend on various facets of the insurance process
  • The benefits of modernizing the insurance processes
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