Whitepaper: Five-pronged Communication Strategy for Health Plan Member Engagement


Five-pronged Communication Strategy for Health Plan Member Engagement

Significance of Effective Member Communications

Like any other businesses, Health Plans are also dependent on effective and customer-centric communications to keep their members happy and engaged.

Why Communications Fail?

Most communications fail due to lack of personalization, improper channels, incorrect frequency of delivery, and incomplete/absence of context. Further, Health Plans need to adhere to regulatory compliances, like Medicare Marketing Guidelines while communicating with members. This requires Health Plans to be effective in their communications

Communication Strategy for Member Engagement

Health Plans need to develop a robust communi­cation strategy that does more than providing simple updates to the members. Download the whitepaper to know:

  • The key drivers for effective member engagement
  • The need to personalize member communications
  • How to leverage templates for brand recall & convenience
  • Why centralize communication process
  • The need for multi-channel engagement for member on-boarding & retention

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