Whitepaper: Empowering Digital Transformation with a Digital Automation Platform


Empowering Digital Transformation with a Digital Automation Platform

A Whitepaper for CxOs

Digital transformation and automation are two strategic priorities in many enterprises that seem to conflict with each other, as digital transformation focuses on customer-driven organizational change while automation potentially removes people from business processes.

In reality, however, these priorities are well-aligned – as long as the organization properly approaches automation.

Download the whitepaper to get insights on:

  • Digital automation platform and how it brings together different automation technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA), digital process automation (DPA), and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • MarketsandMarkets Research and Grand View Research on DPA, RPA, and AI
  • How organizations can succeed in their digital transformation initiatives
  • The digital transformation and automation conundrum
  • Intellyx’s take on digital automation platform
  • How Newgen will meet digital transformation and digital process automation needs of enterprises today and in the future


Authored By
Jason Bloomberg


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