Whitepaper: Critical Success Factors for Large Government Digitization Projects


Critical Success Factors for Large Government Digitization Projects

Good governance requires reduced duplication of work, reduced communication costs, increased transparency in functioning of various government departments, and faster citizen services. Hence, digitization
of documents becomes one of the key requirements for all e-Governance projects.

We aim to highlight the key challenges and critical success factors involved in ensuring the success of a digitization project in Government Organizations. This whitepaper talks about some of the successful measures that government organizations have taken to address some of the issues they face.


  • What are the major digitization challenges faced by government organizations and how to address these challenges?
  • Why is a Document Management System a must for implementing a web-enabled, secure and scalable repository of digitized documents?
  • How can technology be used to produce certified print copies of documents and certificates?
  • A landmark Case Study where 7 billion documents have been successfully digitized and used by 25000 business users

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