Whitepaper: A Modern Approach to Enterprise Service Management


A Modern Approach to Enterprise Service Management

A CXO Guide from Newgen

Modern problems need a modern approach

A modern enterprise caters to a wide gamut of services to address customers’ (including partners, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders in the organization’s extended ecosystem) various needs in many forms. These services range across queries, complaints, information, transactions, status updates, incidents, social media posts, recommendations, and so on, across channels and devices.

Evolution: not enough

The traditional approaches for handling services (including ITSM solutions, help desk solutions, and, extensions to CRM and ERP; among others) are too deeply entrenched in the archaic constructs of service delivery, and do not work anymore.

It is critical for every organization to modernize its enterprise service management (ESM) initiatives and deliver a great experience to all the internal and external customers, across all the channels.

Think platform

Download the whitepaper to learn about the essential capabilities required for a modern ESM platform and how such a platform can provide the scale, control, visibility, and agility, and help organizations transform their customer experience.


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