Ravi Thakur Zensar

Ravi Thakur

Global Head of Insurance

Zensar Technologies

Rana Ganguli

Rana Ganguli

Global Vice President

Newgen Software

Deniz Isik

Deniz Isik

Regional Director (US)

Newgen Software (Moderator)

Unlock the future of insurance with Zensar and Newgen. Join us for the next episode of InsurONE: Navigating Complex Insurance Policies with AI-driven Smart Solutions for Commercial and Specialty Insurers to navigate the complexities of policy wordings and clauses in the insurance landscape. Moderated by Deniz Isik, Regional Director – Insurance (US) at Newgen Software, the exclusive webinar on specialty insurance will veer around AI-led smart solutions that will simplify complicated use cases for commercial insurers.

Key Speakers:

Zensar: Ravi Thakur, Global Head of Insurance, Zensar Technologies

Newgen: Rana Ganguli, Global Vice President, Newgen Software

Learn from industry experts and get insights into the future of digital insurance. Join us as our distinguished speakers discuss the pressing issues related to document generation and customer communication and seek answers to complex challenges. Discover how our AI-powered solution for Smart Policy Wording and Clause Management can revolutionize your insurance operations.


  • Understanding Challenges: Get a closer view of industry challenges like manual process of policy wordings and automation hurdles
  • Delve into the Solutions: Dive deep to know how AI can transform your workflow and boost efficiency
  • InsurONE Insights: Learn about our joint value proposition and unique platform
  • Success Stories: Find out about real-world examples of leading insurers who transformed their operations
  • Interactive Q&A: Know all about futuristic specialty insurance solutions from experts

Explore the possibilities of cost optimization and digital transition with inbuilt AI.

Learn about Newgen and Zensar partnership

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