eBook: Migrating to a Modern Provider Contracting Solution


Migrating to a Modern Provider Contracting Solution

Guidebook for Health Plans, enlisting 10 must-consider capabilities for future Provider Contracting Solution.

Provider Contracting is a Business Lever! 

Provider contract management plays an important role in the overall business performance of a health plan. Contracts directly impact the incentivization for intended results and adherence to best practices. Further, the way provider contracts are managed directly impacts the claims processing errors, effective reconciliation between member services & provider payments, and the resultant administrative costs. Therefore, it is critical to consider the replacement of your provider contract management system as a way to start afresh and take necessary steps for a positive long-term strategic impact.

Modern Provider Contracting

A modern and progressive way to look at provider contract management is to look beyond the immediate need of replacing the sunsetting solution. And, create a vision for what is needed in the future.

What You Must Do Now?

We have listed down 10 areas/ capabilities in the eBook for you to consider for your future provider contract management solution (when migrating from Emptoris).


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