Case Study

Records Management Transformation Across a National Archives Authority & 17 Government Agencies

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The government organization aims to manage and preserve national records and digitize operations of concerned bodies to build a modern records management system.

The organization leveraged Newgen’s certified electronic document and record management system (EDRMS) offerings to streamline the record management process at the authority and across 17 government agencies.

Key Challenges Faced in Managing Records

Managing records while ensuring compliance with various guidelines posed a lot of challenges such as:

  • Difficulty in data migration – The existing data had to be migrated to a certified system. This also required metadata tagging of the migrated content
  • Risk of non-compliance – The government agencies had to ensure that records management is as per the set standards and guidelines
  • Single platform for hybrid records management – Both electronic and physical records need to be managed and archived
  • Low information security – The agencies need to ensure safety and archival of records and prevent unauthorized access, reducing instances of tampering, corruption, leaks, and disappearance/ loss of records
  • Lack of control and accountability – Manual and complex processes for retrieving and routing documents and records resulted in low visibility and control
  • Upgradation and maintenance of the system – The metadata of the migrated records had to be updated based on new retention schedules

Enabling End-to-End Digital Records Management

The government body partnered with Newgen to modernize and streamline the records management process. Using Newgen’s certified EDRMS offerings, comprising Newgen’s document management system, records management system, and correspondence management system, the authority has digitized the records lifecycle. The users can now capture, process, and view content, ranging from electronic and physical documents, emails, photographs, to audios. The authority has hosted Newgen’s offerings on the cloud in a multitenant architecture mode. The implementation enabled users with a centralized repository with restricted access, based on the defined roles, resulting in enhanced information security