Case Study

NewLaw Solicitors Digitally Transforms Their Case Management Processes with Newgen

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NewLaw Solicitors is one of the UK’s most innovative and rapidly-growing law firms, specializing in all areas of personal injury law—from whiplash claims to catastrophic injury cases, welfare, wills, trusts, Court of Protection, probate, and more.

The law firm was seeking a modern system, featuring self-service capabilities for applicants, easy integration with industry applications, and a robust, rule-based system to enable straight-through processing and reduce manual effort.

Key Objectives

  • Streamline case management system
  • Reduce claim processing time
  • Enable self-servicing
  • Empower employees to focus on value-added tasks, rather than administrative work
  • Find new and innovative ways to engage with clients in the digital age

Impact of the Implementation

NewLaw Solicitors implemented the case management software built on the NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform with low code capability. Its key benefits include:

  • Low code configuration capabilities to ensure quick and easy change management and adapt to changing client or compliance needs
  • Reduction in claims processing turnaround time
  • Fully secure client portal with OTP-based authentication for clients
  • Anytime-anywhere access to the client portal with fluid experience across devices
  • Real-time notifications and alerts providing complete transparency between the claimant and defendant throughout the claims process
  • Seamless integration with MoJ portal to automatically submit cases in real time
  • Personalized reports and dashboards for senior management to easily track case progress and identify areas of improvement

To learn how NewLaw significantly improved its claim submission time, download the complete case study.