About the Client

The client offers a wide range of banking and financial solutions to individuals, businesses, and corporations. With a strong focus on infrastructure development, the bank plays a vital role in supporting and financing major projects in the country.

The Growth Barriers

To ensure improved customer relationships and a better user experience, the client’s business users needed seamless and secure access to a wide range of documents in different formats. However, the existing process proved time-consuming as users struggled to locate the right documents and coordinate with different teams. The document management challenge adversely affected workforce productivity and hindered effective collaboration.

Streamlined Content Management with Newgen

To overcome the challenges and enhance operational efficiency, the bank made a strategic decision to streamline its content management. The bank successfully met their business objectives by leveraging Newgen’s Contextual Content Services (ECM) platform. The implementation of Newgen’s ECM involved the integration of various components, including lead handoff and service request, corporate (wholesale) banking, integration with third party systems.


“Our bank saw an all-time high of 96% sourcing of Current Account & 93% sourcing of Savings Account for business banking through the mobile application. This would not have been possible without an integrated process-centric implementation with Newgen.”

Customer Service Head


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