A renowned multinational bank, operating on a global scale, faced several operational hurdles from manual processes within its branches. In efforts to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, the bank chose Newgen to accelerate its digital transformation journey.

How Newgen Made a Difference

Newgen addressed the bank’s challenges through a holistic platform-based strategy. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, Newgen provided a seamless solution encompassing process automation content management, and intelligent extraction capabilities.

Unlike off-the-shelf accelerators, Newgen tailored the platform to precisely fit the customer’s unique business needs. This tailored approach ensured streamlined document management, optimized workflows, and expedited financial transaction processing. The result was a financial solution that eliminated operational siloes, enhanced efficiency, and positioned the bank for the future.

Why Read the Case Study

This case study illustrates how a Fortune 500 multinational Japanese bank collaborated with Newgen to overcome manual operational hurdles and compliance issues. By deploying Newgen’s tailored digital banking platform, the bank achieved digital excellence through AI-powered document processing, and improved customer experiences. The success story underscores the transformative power of platform-based solutions in addressing industry-specific challenges with precision, scalability, and adaptability.

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