Case Study

A leading Specialty Insurance Group Improves User Experience with Multi-lingual Communication

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Founded over 40 years ago this leading specialty insurance group has been running a business in over 150 countries worldwide, with offices across the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, and Ireland.
The organization was looking for a centralized communication framework to automate document generation and customer communication within the new policy issuance, renewals & underwriting processes. The framework also had to ensure efficient distribution of documents/communication to the broker/customer over their preferred delivery channels.

Challenges to Effective Customer Communication

Given the massive expanse of their business, it was essential that the firm deliver timely and consolidated communication to customers over their preferred channels. Here are the challenges they faced in this context:

  • Underwriter had to access different applications to prepare and produce the documents
  • Decentralized and manual development of templates, including import of data from Excel and status, updates, making it time-consuming and error-prone
  • Difficulties in managing multiple templates for more than one type of documents such as Policy Contract, Premium Invoice, Commission Advice Note, in different business lines
  • Difficulties in handling multilingual communications, maintaining different versions of the same template for languages ranging from English to several other European languages

Goals of the Project

  • Automate document generation and customer communication
  • Manage distribution of these documents/communications to the broker/customer over preferred delivery channels
  • Ingest metadata from various systems in various formats
  • Provide a user-friendly interface to manage the outbound communication and meet specific case requirements