About BRAC Bank

The client is a leading financial institution based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, known for pioneering SME banking. It has a strong nationwide presence with around 9,000 employees and is the sole member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) from Bangladesh. Notably, it holds top ratings from leading domestic credit rating agencies and has been recognized by two prominent global credit rating agencies for its quality portfolio, strong capital base, stability, and steady growth trends.

The Stumbling Blocks

BRAC bank faced several operational challenges, including manual and time-consuming processes, cumbersome file and folder management, and a lack of transparency and visibility across processes. Additionally, there was a need for process standardization and improved tracking and control of turnaround times at different steps. The client experienced inconsistencies in onboarding experiences. To address these issues, the client aimed to implement a comprehensive solution that could streamline processes, enhance transparency, and ensure a seamless and standardized onboarding experience.

How Newgen Helped?

Newgen understood BRAC bank’s requirements and consolidated its overall banking processes. Newgen implemented its online account opening solution and document management system to eliminate manual workflows and digitize end-to-end processes. The deployment enabled the client to overcome process inefficiencies and ensure smarter operations across processes.

Read the complete case study to learn more about the core functionalities of the deployed solutions, 12 integrated modules, and business benefits achieved by BRAC bank.

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