The company provides specialized automotive solutions and services and has employees across New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. The solutions include accident management, subscription car ownership, and automotive professional service. The company is on a growth path through new business ventures and acquisitions.

Problem Statement

  • High rate of errors due to manual processing
  • Delay in claims processing
  • Time-consuming process of retrieving documents
  • Lack of a common platform and dependency on different applications

The Key Objectives

The company was seeking a modern system that could streamline the claims management process, invoice processing, and inspection management amongst others to reduce turnaround time and enable self-servicing. It wanted customers to be able to easily initiate web-based claims applications. Additionally, the firm needed a solution that could generate vendor and customer contracts as well as provide real-time status updates of vehicles, claims, accident replacement cars, and the realization of revenue.

Streamlining Multiple Processes with Newgen

The client implemented the below solutions, built on Newgen’s low code process automation platform

  • Claims automation system to streamline claims workflow and communication management under one system
  • Invoice processing for invoice template generation and approval workflow
  • Inspection management to streamline the inspection process
  • Customer portal for data entry, document upload, and access to the status of the case

Download the case study for in-depth insights into the client’s problems and how Newgen solved them, and the benefits accrued by the client.