“The accounts payable invoice automation market continues to evolve as hyperautomation technologies and new entrants increase efficiency in the process. Procurement technology leaders addressing invoice automation should understand how their unique requirements will impact supplier selection.”

Hyperautomation technologies are elevating touchless rates across all stages of the accounts payable process. While newcomers are taking the lead with the development of AI-first solutions, it’s important to note that these solutions might not address every requirement, spanning from capture to payment. Buyers are facing challenges in selecting the right solution among numerous similar options, often leading to misalignments between supplier choices and execution capabilities.

Global corporations face the added complexity of finding a single solution that meets diverse requirements, including different ERP systems and geographical operations. Overcoming these challenges demands thoughtful planning from procurement leaders to ensure optimal technology selection and implementation.

Why Read This Report?

This report will enable procurement leaders to gain detailed insights into how they can:

  • Select the best-fit vendors by detailing needs, including use cases, systems, scope, and invoices
  • Test vendors by using a sample of invoices to see if their automation covers the entire process before making a commitment

Gain insights into how Newgen can:

  • Help streamline complete processes, from omnichannel invoice capture, extraction, validation, and payment processing to posting to ERP & archiving the invoice document
  • Ensure operational excellence in global organizations by using tailored solutions for regional challenges