About Amazon Web Services and Newgen Partnership

  - About Amazon Web Services and Newgen Partnership

Newgen leverages Amazon Web Services to offer its customers resilient products and robust solutions. AWS – The world’s leading cloud services platform, with over 1 million customers, offers computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow by leaps and bounds.

Newgen’s cloud platform, powered by AWS, helps the world-leading organizations across various verticals such as Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Government and others achieve breakthrough business results. Our cloud-ready products are available on private and public cloud and extend support for hybrid models. The AWS platform features varying from its security, scalability, disaster recovery, compliance adherence, single-tenant to multi-tenant environments extend Newgen’s products and solutions the required boost. And, with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability of the AWS platform, Newgen customers are modernizing their enterprise systems, accelerating process improvement initiatives and are driving a competitive differentiation across the globe.

Newgen Products available with Amazon Web Services

Unlock Simple with NewgenONE

A unified, cloud-based platform, with a robust integration ecosystem, for automating end-to-end business processes and comprehensively managing content and communications

About Amazon Web Services and Newgen Partnership - Contextual
Content Services
Content Services

Manage complex business information and extract intelligent insights

About Amazon Web Services and Newgen Partnership - Low Code
Process Automation
Low Code
Process Automation

Digitize end-to-end customer and employee journeys with low code

About Amazon Web Services and Newgen Partnership - Omnichannel
Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

Deliver personalized communications across channels at scale