About Zaktech and Newgen Partnership

  - About Zaktech and Newgen Partnership

ZakTech is a consortium of IT experts and offers various hi-tech solutions direct from the table of expertise in different fields. It has unique skills in consulting, integration and managed services to create customized client solutions. We are on an incessant mission to make available to the user, the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly software for use. Our software aims at speeding up and simplifying not only your day-to-day routine tasks but more complex procedures that require skill and acumen. From smart customization of the pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development along with your vision, ZakTech is here to deliver custom software solutions that match your unique requirements. We provide a full range of integration services to help our customers streamline their operations across multiple systems, data sources and/or locations.

Visit https://zaktech.net to see how ZakTech can help your enterprise navigate your next.