Impacts more than 5,000 students from government schools across three different regions

May 16, 2023: Newgen Software, a global provider of digital transformation platform is pleased to announce that it has extended remarkable educational support to over 5000 students through its partnership with KHUSHII. The collaboration has impacted students across 10 government schools in Delhi, Chennai, and Uttarakhand under KHUSHII’s Shikshaantra Plus program.

The Shikshaantra Plus program addresses the impediments to learning for students in government schools. Newgen has played a vital role in initiating and sustaining the Shikshaantra Plus program and providing an impetus to the existing education system with ‘Remedial and Support Education’ and ‘Mental Well-Being’ initiatives.

The program followed an integrated model by focusing on multiple facets of students’ education and overall development.

“Newgen provided us the assistance to materialize the thought of complete school transformation in the government schools. We are extremely grateful to them for helping us provide an enjoyable and enriching school experience to these children. Seeing these children happy and doing well gives us tremendous satisfaction and the impetus to adopt more schools in the coming days,” said Harish Gosain, Executive Director, KHUSHII.

“Working in partnership with KHUSHII has allowed us to change the lives of less privileged children studying in primary government schools in Delhi and reach the remotest parts of India. We have been able to rebuild schools in flood-hit areas of Uttarakhand and improve infrastructure in other schools as well. Also, emphasis has been on providing clean drinking water and toilet facilities for girls and boys and ensuring quality education. This intervention has helped increase school admissions, regular attendance, and increased educational interest among the students. Setting up computer labs has enabled students to become digitally literate. In time, these students will be at par with the students from private schools,” said Priyadarshini Nigam, Director, Newgen Software.

KHUSHII’s complete school transformation approach has helped reduce the drop-out rate from 5% to 2%, doubling student attendance to 90%. The program has also impacted learning outcomes with a 7% improvement in students’ grades and improved student retention through better learning experiences and opportunities.


Kinship for Humanitarian Social and Holistic Intervention in India (KHUSHII) is an independent, not-for-profit organization founded in 2003 by Cricket legend Mr. Kapil Dev and his philanthropic partners. KHUSHII works tirelessly to keep children in school, through holistic interventions that impact the community.

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