Business processes are fundamental to every organization, and streamlined processes are essential for positive business outcomes. In their effort to digitalize processes, organizations end up implementing multiple point solutions that can be counterproductive to their digitalization efforts. This is where Business Process Management (BPM) software can make a difference.

Understanding Business Process Management Software

Gartner defines business process management as a process automation tool that supports an enterprise in improving its daily business processes and workflow management.

BPM software streamlines the entire end-to-end process. It designs, executes, and automates simple to complex business processes based on pre-defined business rules. It routes tasks, files, and data between people and systems to accomplish a particular task. BPM software also analyzes and optimizes business processes on an ongoing basis which helps improve process efficiency.

How Business Process Management Software Evolved

The concept of business process management is not new; lean principles and six sigma are popular examples of traditional BPM methodologies. When BPM was first introduced, its primary objective was to optimize process efficiencies and decrease cost. The dynamic environment forced firms to change their objectives over time, thereby introducing new capabilities to the traditional business process management software, such as analytic and complex event processing. Today, there is a greater need for firms to deliver exceptional services to customers and provide a holistic customer journey. BPM of the future is equipped with capabilities like low code, artificial intelligence, process analytics, case management, robotic process automation, and more.

Why Do You Need Business Process Management Software?

BPM software is a beneficial tool because it helps organizations align their processes to their strategic objectives. It offers the means to map out the steps of current processes and streamline them to make them more consistent and efficient. With the support of BPM, you can :

  • Make your business more agile
  • Obtain complete visibility into different processes
  • Adhere to all compliance needs
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Foster innovation
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Reduce costs

Check out the complete range of business benefits offered by BPM software

Business Process Management Software

It is critical for organizations to have the right BPM platform to accomplish their digital goals. To discover more remarkable insights into the benefits that BPM offers to optimize and streamline processes and drive digital transformation, read this whitepaper on BPM for Digital Transformation.