Delve into the top five corporate resolutions we can practice in 2024 and for years to come.

Knock-knock! Are you still pursuing your New Year’s resolutions?

A 2023 study by the University of Scranton claimed that nearly 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. It’s normal to get frustrated, lose interest, and falter occasionally. However, let this be the year to learn from our previous mistakes.

In 2024, let’s create a positive impact on our team, organization, and the rest of the world. I have tried breaking up our long-term success goals into bite-sized aims, and here are some simple corporate resolutions that we can continue following.

Did you know?

  • The term ‘resolution’ originated in the early 15th century and gained popularity in the context of New Year’s resolutions in the late 18th century
  • The word ‘resolution’ in Latin means ‘breaking down in simpler form’ to solve a problem

Environment Evangelist

The ocean temperature is now 1.5⁰C warmer since the 1860s.
– A 2024 study published in Nature Climate Change journal

Go Green is one of the top resolutions people take up during the New Year. But why should ‘being eco-friendly’ rank top on our agenda? With the devastating effects of global warming, saving the planet is no longer an option. The target to achieve global net zero (greenhouse gas) emissions must go beyond the strategy document and become an actionable goal to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Sustainable Development: Keeping sustainability in perspective for all business decisions is imperative. It cannot be limited to a few departments or functions. It becomes crucial to consider the ecological impact when enterprises expand to a new country/market, diversify with a new industry, or launch a new product.
  • Small Steps Count: Practice reduce-reuse-recycle throughout the organization. Take small steps like taking a printout only when unavoidable, encouraging ceramic mugs and glass/metal bottles instead of paper cups, switching off the lights and air-conditioners when not in use, and so on.
  • Inclusive Initiatives: For firms who have taken the initial steps and brought about changes within their business, the next level would be to involve their partners, vendors, and clients to reduce their carbon impact as well.

Responsible Digitization

With artificial intelligence (AI) being the tool for a transformative future, adhering to its defined ethical guidelines is critical. Ensuring this measure will benefit the entire society. Investing our resources and efforts in ethical AI can improve our productivity and quality of life.

  • Realize Risks: As responsible digital natives, innovators, and creators of technical solutions, it is imperative that we identify the limits of AI. Deepfake videos and the risks associated with them have already made headlines. Hence, we must be cautious about leveraging this superpower.
  • Stay Original: While using these new-age technologies extensively, we must be wary of excessive dependency. AI is meant to help companies make data-based decisions, create better customer experience, and automate mundane tasks. However, it will not replace human sensibilities and ethical judgment.

Holistic Wellness 

Have you ever pondered over the debate about a 70-hour versus three-day workweek? You aren’t alone. This discussion has successfully managed to draw the attention of several organizations towards prioritizing the well-being of the employees. While the action steps are not difficult to follow, one needs to be mindful. Take a pledge with me to let our teams know their value.

  • Empathetic Investment: Happy employees build a productive workplace. Investing in the holistic wellness of our people should be one of the top new year’s resolutions for every organization this year.
  • Mindfulness Activities: Activities that generate mindfulness, support relaxation, and build stronger teams have gained popularity. It’s time for corporate offices to adopt yoga, meditation, sound therapy, nature walks, book-reading sessions, and much more.
  • Prioritizing People: Spending time with family and uplifting the quality of life have become essential for most people. Organizations must encourage people to stay connected with friends, travel, or participate in hobbies.

Process Power 

Nurturing processes that minimize hassles and empower people is even more essential as the demand for limited time-to-market and faster deliveries increases.

  • People First Approach: Smarter processes enable us to prepare better and target higher. The aim should be to invest in processes that facilitate employees and satisfy customers.
  • Adopting Agility: The requirement for imbibing agility in our processes is paramount. The new-age agile workflows provide flexibility through iterative development and delivery. They make business solutions more user-friendly and futuristic. So, while you standardize processes, stay open to change.

Customer Centricity

While demand has always been important, the current need is to understand the customer persona closely. Questions like what the customers need and how we add value to their requirements can be the first step toward a better customer experience.

  • The Pull Factor: Businesses are vying to grab the attention of their target group in the age of superfast apps and snackable content. As the customer moves through the marketing/sales funnel, it is important to pull them with meaningful engagement rather than pushing out irrelevant or standardized offers.
  • Retention Rules: How do you deal with the ‘instant gratification’ generation and offer services that can hold the fickle customer? A good starting point would be to get a deeper insight into customer demands in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) markets and develop solutions that add value.
  • Customize Consistently: Hyper-personalization is here to stay. If you can offer each client a customized framework that meets their unique needs, this year will be highly successful.

Stepping Up for the Future

Our path to attain entrepreneurial, ethical, and digital goals is set. The next step must be creating a plan to help us stick to our resolutions. This will involve creating several documents, aligning stakeholders, collecting data, and strategizing collaboratively.

Newgen’s automation solutions can support you with the process so that you can attain your aims this and many years to come. Connect with us to learn more about how our technology can help you keep your promises.

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