On your way to office…

Think of any random day in your life. You commute to office and on your way you see a majority of people glued to some devices consuming digital content. You get your daily dose of news on your mobile device while commuting, check & mark important emails, check your calendar on your phone and prioritize your tasks for the day before you actually reach office-all with your mobile device.

…And once you get there

However, on reaching office you take a notepad to meetings, sort paper files, print emails and by the end of the day you might have printed at least 10 copies of a document on average. Astounding as it may sound, an average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year! Well, that’s humongous if you realize we are actually in the digital age and still emulating our lives that was 30 years ago! On one hand we are digital and tech savvy individuals and on the other hand we are chronically dependent on paper as a means of information and communication for official purposes!

The buzz on paperless office has been doing the rounds for almost 3 decades now. Although there is not much traction seen as yet, things are set to change and we are steadily moving towards the goal of paperless office.

Digital is green – Save a Forest

Paper intensive organizations like banks, insurance companies, government agencies, healthcare companies, legal and educational organizations and also departments like HR and Purchase incur massive overhead costs. Companies spend on procuring paper, onsite and offsite file storage, printer/copy machines rental and maintenance costs, filing and office supplies costs, courier and let’s not forget the cost of time your employees waste on finding and managing paper documents.

Having said the above, technologies like Document Management Systems can help organizations manage their paper documents efficiently while saving money, time and forests too!

Here’s an interesting article on how you can save a forest as big as Jim Corbett by deploying a Document Management System. Read on to save a forest…

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