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Aren’t we all addicted to the serotonin rush we get after eating the first strand of spaghetti? Long, uninterrupted strands of spaghetti. Bliss!

But do you know what else resembles spaghetti? It’s your organization’s complex information flow structure!

As your data grows, it can become tangled, complex, and overwhelming, resulting in data spaghetti.

Don’t we all prefer unbroken, continuous, and complete spaghetti strands? Many of us have a pet peeve about this. The same is true for your company’s information flow. It irks your front-end users, business leaders, IT leaders, CXOs, and others. To provide an exceptional customer experience, we must ensure a continuous and uninterrupted flow of information for improved collaboration across departments and functions. This, however, is easier said than done. Typically, organizational data is dispersed across multiple systems and departments.

As transformation leaders, like you, set out to unify front, middle, and back office, certain roadblocks can cause significant setbacks:

Information Silos

The flow of information in your organization can often get constrained by the silos between the front, middle, and back offices. The lack of automation and integration between systems leads to weakened communication and collaboration.

Manual Processes

With your organization’s data residing in disparate applications, lack of process automation entails manual intervention. This invariably leads to operational errors and delays in your processes.

Legacy Techstack

The modern digital world demands enterprises to be agile. And organizations that have not undertaken modernization of their technology stack are on a back foot. Systems that do not talk to each other lead to information and functional silos. In an effort to circumvent these challenges, many organizations add point solutions to existing techstack, leading to further silos!

Organizations, like yours, need to embrace an integrated automation technology suite to resolve the above challenges and secure a continuous and unbroken strand of your information flow, access meaningful data in real-time, configure workflows, orchestrate end-to-end outcomes, and personalize customer communication while keeping it consistent across channels,

This recently published HFS Research Report says transformation leaders looking to simplify information flow across processes, functions, applications, and systems with significant content-centric process automation requirements should consider Newgen. Read the report now!