A logo for a company is its identity. What if it also represents the company’s differentiation and culture? That’s exactly how Newgen’s new logo has been envisioned.

The Three Arches and Colors

Our logo’s arches depict Newgen’s three distinct characteristics – connect, agility, and transformation—perfect reflection of our products that connect people, systems, applications, and processes to automate end-to-end customer-, partner-, and employee-facing journeys. No matter how deep or complex one’s end-to-end journey is, we go above and beyond the expected scale, performance, and seamless integration. Newgen is a unique digital transformation platform company that automates content, processes, and communications – three fundamental pillars of operations for every enterprise in the world – that too with AI-driven intelligence and patented product innovations.

Not only our platforms deliver speed, agility, and flexibility our customers need to thrive in this changing world but also, as a company we are passionate about what we do. Colors of our new logo—orange and black—depict the same passion, energy, and our leadership position.

The Look

The look of our logo is clean, linear, strong, and emphasizes the long-term sustainability of our company’s branding.

The Lettering and the Font

 With evolving customer needs and business environment, we wanted our logo to look modern, demonstrating approachability and dynamism. That influenced the choice of the font type, font boldness, and the use of lower case for the name. And last but not the least, we wanted to retain certain key elements from our previous logo – the unique orange color and a global presence and representation.

In a Nutshell!

The end-goal of Newgen is to digitally transform the businesses of our customers globally with speed, agility, and passion. And I am glad that our new logo reinforces all this and our company’s zeal to do more.

Looking forward to your comments and encouragement on this change.