Automation and hyperautomation technologies have been a go-to strategy for leaders to improve speed for years now. However, with customer experience becoming critical, you have to find ways to deliver an extraordinary experience quickly. Moreover, the industry trend for 2022 shows that the speed of digital transformation (DX) expected by executives is not slowing down but is likely to increase. As a result, enterprises plan to spend more and expect faster implementation from their digital initiatives. Interestingly, a significant part of the “digital” spending is now happening outside of the IT function.

“Respond, Rethink, Re-Invent”

In early 2020, organizations were caught unaware and had to respond to the lockdown/WFH situations overnight. Organizations took a short-term (band-aid) approach with many point solutions that only created issues with governance, maintenance, and scalability. Using different systems, many departments have implemented the same functionality (login, reports, dashboards, integrations). Despite the methodology and all this orchestration, the band-aid approach has bought us some time. Since this continuous transformation is here to stay, it is time for enterprises to “Rethink and Re-Invent.”

To overcome the pitfalls of the short-term approach to DX, Gartner and Forrester have suggested an orchestrated transformation approach by identifying capabilities required in a toolbox/platform to support successful enterprise-wide digital transformation in the long run. Gartner calls it “The DigitalOps Technology Toolbox,” while Forrester names it “Digital Process Automation Software,” both with identified automation technologies that include:

  • Ability to handle and optimize the most profound, most sophisticated use cases
  • Scaling out to address the unique requirements of wide deployments
  • Using low code capabilities

The identified technological capabilities are:

identified technological capabilities

Newgen Is Leading on This Vision

Newgen has partnered with over 500 enterprise customers in their digital journey and is rated by leading industry analysts as

NewgenONE is a low code application development and deployment platform with deeply integrated content, process, portal, and customer communications capabilities. It offers a unified, cloud-based platform, with a robust integration ecosystem, for automating end-to-end business processes and comprehensively managing content and communications. The platform addresses the following:

  • Siloed processes across multiple departments
  • Disparate data systems and files
  • Fulfills customers’ expectations for personalized engagement
  • Integrates robotic process automation (RPA) software, offers a business dashboard, and delivers process insights

At the start of 2022, Newgen announced that it is set to acquire Number Theory, a data science, and artificial intelligence/ machine learning (AI/ML) platform company. This acquisition will further enhance the NewgenONE platform to deliver cloud-native AI/ML capabilities to every enterprise.

Digital transformation capabilities of NewgenONE (with AI/ML platform)

Data Science & AI ToolsApp Development ToolsAutomation ToolsIntegration Tools
Data Science and ML PlatformsLow Code DevelopmentBusiness Process Management toolsAPI Management
Analytics and BI toolsContent Services PlatformRPAReady Connectors
Master data management toolsPrototyping and design tools
Metadata Management tools

With all these above capabilities, NewgenONE is now one of the most robust and comprehensive digital transformation platforms out there. It is being leveraged by companies globally to get more out of their IT investments and accelerate digital transformation.